Sexual Positioning And Timing Can Help You Concieve A Baby Boy

Sexual Positions That Favor a Boy Baby

Can the position you are using during sex influence the gender of your baby? The late Dr. Shettles thought so. Opinions abound to whether the position in which you have conceiving intercourse can actually have any bearing on you baby's gender. My opinion-if you really want a baby boy (83% of parents-to-be would choose their baby's gender if they could!) than what can it hurt? It's a simple low-tech way of gender selection (and if you enjoy sex-sounds like fun.)

So what positions favor a boy baby? Positions that offer the deepest penetration such as rear entry (doggie style) with the woman either on her hands and knees, or lying on her stomach with a pillow under her pelvis. The missionary position, but with the woman's legs on the man's shoulders may also prove beneficial. 

Also the woman may try staying in bed lying on her back for a half hour or so after sex, to let gravity help the boy sperm be successful in fertilizing the egg.

Dr Shettles felt the woman having an orgasm at or near the time of ejaculation would help in conceiving a boy baby. Why? Because when a woman has an orgasm she releases substances that produce a more alkaline reproductive environment which favors conceiving a boy baby.

Hot temperatures tend to lower the male sperm count with the weaker (y) boy sperm dying off first, therefore the man should stay away from tight fitting underwear, ect. if wanting a baby boy. 

If the man consumes some caffeine before sex the chance of having a boy is heightened for reasons not fully understood, so try a cup of coffee guys, and give those boy (y) sperm a headstart!

Timing Of Sex To Favor Conception Of A Boy Baby

As we discussed on how to have a boy baby the (y) or boy sperm are smaller, weaker, and faster swimmers than the (x) or girl sperm. Therefore the timing of intercourse becomes an important factor if you are trying to conceive a baby of the gender of your choice, and especially critical when you want a boy!

When wanting a baby boy, you should have sex no sooner than 24 hours before ovulation and abstain from sex 12 hours after ovulation, this will give the weaker boy sperm their best chance to fertilize the waiting egg. Timing of intercourse (in relation to ovulation) is the cornerstone to the Shettles gender prediction method. There are many ways to chart you ovulation cycle (BBT charting, cervical mucus, ovulation predictor kits, and fertility monitors, to name a few) I would, suggest Rebecca's book so you can tract you cycle precisely (very important!)


If you are serious about having a baby boy the methods offered on this site give you a very low-cost, low-tech way to try to influence you baby-to-be's gender. Pick up Rebecca's book (you really do need a guide) and follow her system diligently and become one of the 94 out of a 100 mothers who successfully have that little baby boy they want.